Planning Tip #1: We are engaged, now what?

First of all, congratulations! But now what? There is so much to do! Just the thought of the wedding might overwhelm you. So first of all, pick a date for your big day. People will drive you crazy asking when your wedding is going to be. The truth is they will most of the time, after the wedding they will constantly start asking “when are you having a baby?”, but we’ll talk about that later…

So, back to picking a date, make sure you sit down with your partner ASAP and start discussing what you want your wedding to be like. Most people have thought of their dream wedding (yes, even guys), so take time to ask your partner what their dream wedding is like. You might be on the same page, or you might not. Most likely you will have to compromise on some things or find a way to make both ideas work. Once you agree on a theme, picking the date for that beach or garden wedding will be much easier.

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