Planning Tip #2: Define your wedding

Before you can start calling venues, ordering invitations and everything else you need to first define your wedding. There’s three things you shouldn't start without: the date, the theme and the colors. Why? Because without a date you can’t book anybody. You need to understand vendors work on a first come first serve basis and without a date there will be no way they can promise you they will be available.

The theme and colors are very important because it’s what’s going to shape your wedding. Of course you can make changes along the way, but the best you can picture your wedding from the beginning the better, otherwise you will be all over the place and it will be very hard to get anywhere. Make sure you make a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one because that is be the best way to keep your ideas together and be able to show your vendors what you want. The picture above is an actual screenshot of the Pinterest board we put together for our October wedding. As you can see we had a clear idea of the colors and style we wanted: fall outdoor wedding, orange/peach/coral palette, rustic and birds. If your fiancé is up for it, invite him/her to the board so you can both add ideas!

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