Planning Tip #3: Stay within your budget

I read and heard about it so many times and I ignored it somehow. Maybe it was because I lived under my parents' roof until I got married that I didn't get to experience having to have a budget to pay the bills. I got paid and I basically always had enough to get the stuff I wanted, so I didn't really expect to go over budget when I was planning my wedding nor did I really understood the concept entirely. If this is your case, then listen to my advice.

First, create a budget, research and try to estimate the cost of all of the great and small things you want for your wedding and then compare it to the money you actually have to spend. Second, you might need to adjust and compromise on things that you don't really need or simply cannot afford. And third, stay within your budget!! The last thing you need to start your marriage is a bunch of debt.

HINT: Visit our "Wedding Planning Survival Tips" Pinterest board to find great tools to get started on your budget:

EXTRA SAVING TIP! I love to shop online and I recently came across this extension that you can install on your browser and every time you shop it shows you the best deals, trends, options or codes so you can get the lowest price. It’s really quite amazing, I’ve used it a few times. Here is the link:

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